Day 36: Another Update

So another week has passed. I turned down the job I interviewed for last week. While I did want the job, I need to be able to pay my bills. But I do have a few jobs pulled up that I want to apply to after I post this. Hopefully I hear something soon, like with the last place.

I decided to create a twitter to further share posts from both my blogs. If you want to follow, my twitter handle is @Quietharmonies_  If you don’t want to follow, that’s fine too. It will probably be only blog posts. I’ll probably forget about it, but I can say that I’ve made a half-hearted attempt to grow my blogs. This post will be my first tweet.

I haven’t been doing well in terms of my goals. I haven’t really exercised. Cleaning is lacking. I haven’t read a book in the last week or so. However, I am eating healthy. Also, I have been practicing my Spanish and ASL. And I’m learning Hebrew. Why? Because I can. I’m using the app Duolingo. I hope to take classes for both Spanish and ASL. I took classes in high school and college, respectively.

For the next week, I want to finish a book, work out at least once, post on my other blog at least twice, and finish cleaning my kitchen. All doable. I just need to do them. I also want to have two planned topic posts for this week. We’ll see how all of this goes.

I’ll chat with you lovelies later.

Day 35 | Day 37


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