I’m Such a Fangirl

I’m trying to write some stories. In my mind nearly every story is basically a Fairy Tail fanfic. I’m not a fan fiction writer, nor do i want to be. It’s not my thing. 

So I was writing last night, avoiding giving my characters name. Then I wrote down a nickname, Juv. Initially a placeholder. Then I started to think, ‘what names can I give to where Juv is still here nickname?’ I now have names that combine the start of each name to be derivatives of Juvia and Gray.

So now I have:

Jubilee Vivian [insert last name] aka Juv (Juvia)

Greg Aidan [insert last name] aka Grai (Gray)
Yup, I am such a fan girl. He will probably never be referred to as Gray, but she will definitely be called Juv. I love Juvia’s name. They are two of my three favorite characters in FT. I also love Freed. 

I need to catch up on my FT. I’m very slowly reading the manga and haven’t quite made it to where the anime ended. But I can’t help looking at things to see what happens to them. 

I’m done talking about being a fan girl. Also, the mice back, or at least one.

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