I Want to Share my News

Hello, lovelies. I have some good news.

I am officially a Licensed Professional Counselor. I’m so happy about this. I have worked hard to get this and there were problems with my application supposedly. But it all worked out.

So now I need to figure out the next step is for me. I plan to start looking for jobs again and continue to work on myself. I know good things are possible.

Lent starts on Wednesday. It seems too early for that. Easter is on April Fool’s Day. I told my mom that the first thing that came to mind when I realized that was: When Jesus rose from the dead he was like “April Fools. I’m alive.” If I was a pastor, that would totally be part of my message for this Easter.

I don’t have much else to say. I just wanted to share the good news of getting my license with all of you. You have been a part of my journey. In January I got a notice about my WordPress anniversary. Seven years ago I signed up for this blog. I was applying for graduate schools and finishing my senior year of college at The University of Tulsa. 

This blog has been source of self-care. It’s been a way to express myself, doubts, fears, and everything else. So thank you for being part of this. You truly are lovely.

I love you all. And I will chat with all you lovely people of the internet later.


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