I Want to Share my News

Hello, lovelies. I have some good news.

I am officially a Licensed Professional Counselor. I’m so happy about this. I have worked hard to get this and there were problems with my application supposedly. But it all worked out.

So now I need to figure out the next step is for me. I plan to start looking for jobs again and continue to work on myself. I know good things are possible.

Lent starts on Wednesday. It seems too early for that. Easter is on April Fool’s Day. I told my mom that the first thing that came to mind when I realized that was: When Jesus rose from the dead he was like “April Fools. I’m alive.” If I was a pastor, that would totally be part of my message for this Easter.

I don’t have much else to say. I just wanted to share the good news of getting my license with all of you. You have been a part of my journey. In January I got a notice about my WordPress anniversary. Seven years ago I signed up for this blog. I was applying for graduate schools and finishing my senior year of college at The University of Tulsa. 

This blog has been source of self-care. It’s been a way to express myself, doubts, fears, and everything else. So thank you for being part of this. You truly are lovely.

I love you all. And I will chat with all you lovely people of the internet later.


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1 Response to I Want to Share my News

  1. Doubts, fears, and everything else what had every human being was also common to the followers of Christ. Can you imagine the fear they had when their master teacher was taken prison, killed and after he was put in a grave disappeared?
    Later they came to understand how that resurrection might be a sign for us for better times to come and for the hope given in the older writings. Next time you come up to the heathen festival of Easter try to remember the real cause of our salvation and come to remember that special gift on the days of the Lord (14-15 Nisan).


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