Oh No! I Neglected You Again!

Sorry folks. I didn’t realize February was the last time I posted on here. But now that I have, I am writing.

I don’t know what to write though. I decided not to vent about last week on my other blog and I don’t really want to do it anywhere anymore. But trust me when I say a family conversation was rather stressful. Spent this past week emotionally drained.

I will try to post at least once a month on here. Maybe some more scripture doodles or write something. Maybe just me singing… I’m not half bad…

Either way, I don’t want to neglect you. You are all awesome.

Oh, I also need to write a bio for my high school. One of the counselors is trying to get bios from the black alumni since they did nothing for black history month this year. I hate telling people about myself and my accomplishments. Blah.

I need to do that soon. Okay. I think that’s all. I need to cook. Fooood. I need ffffooooodddd.

Speaking of food, I just had some dried figs that were infused with water. I must say, they are weird. It’s mostly because I’m used to the dried figs that are not infused with water. But they’re not bad. Just weird.

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