Ugh….things not posting…

I am NOT happy. I posted on one of my other blogs on April 7. My phone told me it was posted. Today, I realized that it wasn’t for some reason, or maybe it was briefly. I worked hard on that post and really liked it, only to be left with just pictures. All my words, gone.

I went to my phone to make sure it was posted, but it reverted back to how it was on my tablet. This is why I should write things on a document first. I think it might have been posted for a bit, since it said I had views on it.

Oh the agony! I guess it’s not that bad. It was just a post I really, really liked. How often do you get a post that incompasses who you are and what you believe in such a beautiful and meaningful way? In other words, it had God and anime mixed together. Not just together, but together in a way that showed glory to God. Guess I’ll rewrite it. Maybe post it for Father’s day.

I just needed to share my frustration.

…Now I need to write about Mother’s day.

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