Let’s Get Healthy

Okay folks. I know I’ve said it before about getting healthy, but I am going to commit to it. Overall I eat healthy… until I get lazy and decide not to cook. I walk a bit due to buses… but honestly it’s not that much. And I exercise regularly… for a week or two… every few months…

If I’m doing it with people it’s doable. If I have a set time, it’s doable. If I actually spell out what changes I want to make, it’s doable.

I got under 200lbs, which is awesome. Now I’m trying to get closer to 175. That is my next goal. I can totally do this. I just lack motivation in several areas of my life right now. (Hence why I ate out most of the last week or two and haven’t cleaned my place in… way too long.)

I try to be honest, which is why I’m telling you guys. You know, accountability. I didn’t weigh myself yesterday because I’m sure it went up. So I’m guessing 15-20 lbs more than I’d like. And the issue isn’t so much the weight. If I had more muscle, I wouldn’t really mind the weight.

If we get down to it, I really just want to feel and be healthy. So I’m giving myself two things to do this week:

  1. No chips. I can stay away from them easily, but I’d rather not. So I don’t. But I will.
  2. Work out at least 2 times in the next week. Workout should be at least 20 minutes, but preferably 30+ minutes.

Both these things I know I can do. And by telling you all, I will do them. Though right now my knees hurt. It’s been not a good week for my lower limbs.

On Wednesday I stepped on a rusty nail. Thankfully I had my tetanus booster shot 3 weeks prior. The Friday night/Saturday morning, I was on my bed, feet on the wall, and I must of locked my knees. I was in a weird position and it cause pain in the back of my knees. Thought I was find, but went to the museum and *Bam!* knee pain. Woke up today. Fine for a while then *Bam!* knee pain. Then both knees. Oh my poor back of my knees. It’s not so much a hurting as something doesn’t feel right. Like I did too much after exercising.

But anyhoo, my plan for the week. You are welcome to join me in this. You can use the same two changes as me or make your own. I tend to do more than what I plan when starting out because I’m a part-time overachiever.

Well I’m going to go cook. Talk to you lovelies later.

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