About the Author

I am a child of God who has given into temptation. I struggle everyday to serve God and make Him my primary focus. This is my journey to peace and joy.

My friends call me Jas or Jazzy, among other names. I’m in my 20s and as of fall 2013 a recent graduate of a counseling program at a Christian university. I want to help people, but I know that I have things in my life that I need to work on. That is the journey I have been sharing on this blog since 2011.

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a writer, a musician, an artist, and much more. I am the girl who sits quietly observing everything around her. I am the girl who people sometimes forget is present, but I am also the girl whose opinion is valued. I have been told I’m wise, but I don’t agree. I just love to logically look at things. I’ve been told I’m awesome, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’ve been told that I am a blessing, and that means so much more to me than being awesome.

My goal is to be closer to God. I am blessed to be able to share with whoever reads this. I have grown in the last year and decided that I wanted to share with you a little about myself, put a name behind Quietharmonies and A Road to Somewhere.

Jasmyn H


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