Hey y’all

I’ve been meaning to post, but of course it hasn’t happened. I have stuff to write, but haven’t written it. And since I didn’t ready this post prior to buying one hour of internet, I’m not going to write what I truly want to. I’m down to about 10-20min left.  But I wanted to say that I’m still here.

Been binge watching Netflix…kind of. Trying to figure so stuff out and failing at it. Got a new charger for my Surface RT. Now I just need to get it updated since it’s been over a year since it was last used. That part isn’t going as well as I’d like.

Struggling financially, but all my needs are being taken care of. Have a job I want to apply to. Just need to update my resume and write a cover letter. I’m so tired of my job. I’m starting to dread it. It’s bad.

Someone told me that I “just haven’t met the right guy” when we were talking about me being asexual. Aside from all you lovelies here online, I’ve only told 3 people. All currently are or have been in the field of counseling or social work. You’d think they’d know not to say that.

I’m going. I want to look up a thing or two before my internet access goes bye-bye for the day. I try not to pay for it, but sometimes you’re lazy and don’t want to leave the house.

Talk to you soon lovelies.

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Trying to Make it Work

I’m trying to make things work to the best of my ability. I told you that I got rid of my internet and cable. Well I also got ride of my Amazon Prime and I feel like there was something else, but I honestly don’t remeber. I got an atenna and have watched more tv since getting that than I did in the 6 months to 1 year that I most recently had cable. 

I’m in the library writing this and have some books I plan to check out. I want to look at the DVDs before leaving to look at them as well. I honestly don’t know why I was so anxious about going to the library. I guess it’s just because I am anxious. It’s not hard living without the convinces I’ve become accustom to. I just have to think about things before hand. For example, I’m writing this post on Saturday and will schedule it for Monday. 

I’m trying to be a responsible adult. I know that I’m lucky to have parents who are willing to help me out if I need it. The thing is, I don’t want to have to need them. So, they don’t know that I only have $2.91 in my bank account. And I don’t plan to tell them because I’ll get paid before I need to pay any bills. If an emergency comes up, that’s what my savings account is for. 

I finally have things moving for getting my salary increase that I was supposed to get back in July. Maybe this next pay check. Fingers crossed. I’m trying to make it work. 

The thing is, even without unnecessary spending, I don’t make my worth. I’m trying to change that. This new pay is a start. But only a start. For more, I need to go to new agency. But right now. I will learn new skills and improve old ones. 

Like I’ve been saying, I’m making things work. I’m done trying to make it work and just will. I’m 28 years old. I’m living on my own. I’m glad to have my parents there to catch me if I fall, but I want to stand on my own two feet. Not much else to say.   

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Disconnected: Cable and Internet Free

Hey lovelies. This post is going to be short. This week I disconnected my cable and internet. Right now I’m sitting in a starbucks writing this. This means that I get to write my post early instead of waiting till the last minute. It’s only been a few days, so I don’t know how this will impact me in the long run, but I’ll let you know.

My reasons for doing this are primarily financial. I can’t afford it. Another reason is that it forces me to get out of my apartment. Usually on Sunday night I’m sitting in my apartment. But not tonight. My goal is to have my post written early to be posted on Monday evening.

There is one more reason that I got rid of my internet. It’s not really a reason, but an added bonus. I’ve written about my relationship with porn. Not having internet will help with keeping it out of my life. Though I will admit that have looked at porn in a starbucks before. It was the summer before my senior year of college. I was on a summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ. So, yeah…

But I have no desire to do that. I have other things I want to focus on. Which reminds me. I think I told you that I gave a deputy my phone number. He finally texted me last week. I really need to figure out what his first name is because I like knowing the first names of my friends. I know I could ask him directly, but part of me doesn’t want to know.

I guess I’m going to go. I don’t have a desire to stay in starbucks much longer. I was just too lazy to travel to the library and this was in walking distance. I mean, I had to watch the series finale of Teen Wolf. Though honestly, I could of lived without it. I really just wanted to see Stiles and Derek enter. After that I didn’t really care. But it’s over. Which reminds me that I need to download some Netflix movies to watch offline. Okay, 30 more minutes her at most.

Talk to you next week.

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Hey, Asexy!

Hey, lovelies. I hope y’all are having a good day.

Let’s get personal. We tend to do that regularly on here, but today feels slightly different. I’ve always identified as heterosexual. I’m attracted to men, my opposite gender, so there never felt a need to question that.

But over the last year or so, I’ve been questioning my sexuality. I’ve shared on here about my addiction to porn. It got me questioning if I was bisexual or pansexual. But then I remembered that it wasn’t about the sex. My porn addiction was about craving intimacy. I may have felt some sexual attraction, but I mostly felt not alone for a brief moment. Then came the icky feeling.

Looking back, I can’t really remember feeling sexual attraction towards anyone. I’ve always acted as if. I want to experience sex, but I don’t know. I thought I was just being a good Christian. No sexual temptation for me. 

After going back and forth, thinking about it and forgetting about it, I have come to this conclusion. I am gray-sexual and demi-hetero romantic. In other words, I don’t really feel sexual attraction, but I can. Its just rare. I’m also only romantically attracted to someone if we have a close emotional bond and they’re male. I don’t feel romantically attracted to everyone who fits that criteria though. It’s honestly pretty rare that I feel it.

This explains so much about me. I don’t date. I don’t have a desire to date. Every time someone brings up the topic, I think about the fact that all I want in life is to surround myself with people who care about me and who I also care about. For years I’ve told people that I can’t date someone unless I know them and we’re friends. I thought it might just be my anxiety. 

I’ve dated two guys in my life. They’re both great guys, but I knew it wouldn’t be long term. After getting in a relationship with one I realized I didn’t really like him like that. With the other, the moment it seemed like we weren’t connecting like we did before, I stopped caring as much about him romantically. I never really cared about the relationships ending. I wasn’t as invested as I wanted to be. 

My crushes tend to be me thinking someone is awesome and wanting to be friends with them. I now know that’s a squish. My life makes so much more sense now. I’ve known for a little while that I’m on the ace spectrum, but admitting it has given me a new sense of confidence. 

Yesterday I texted my friend, B, and told him. He’s the one person I can count on not to look at me strange no matter what I say. I love him to pieces. 

I joined an ace dating site yesterday. I will probably be deleting my profile today or by the end of the week at the latest. It was more out of curiousity than anything. But it was nice to have that pressure allevated. But I still think dating sites are weird. I want to meet people in person. Call me old-fashion like that. I’ll even accept meeting through something like this (blogging). 

I’ve never thought much about getting married. I’ve always assumed I would and I wanted it. I mainly just wanted someone to spend my life with and marriage seems like a method of achieving that. Honestly, ever sincee I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be a mother. Someone got mad at me once for saying that I thought more about being a mother than a wife. I’ve always wanted to adopt a kid, but wanted to wait for incase I got married. The hubby might want a say in this matter. But now I still plan to wait, but now it’s because I’m 28, living paycheck to paycheck, and barely making ends meet.

I still haven’t figured out who I plan to tell. My mom looks at my like a grew a second head when I say I’m depressed. I’m sure she won’t understand this either. But maybe after I tell them I’m a recovering porn addict. Or I can tell her both at the same time and confuse the heck out of her. I’ll probably tell my brother I’m close to before I tell anyone else in the family. My family doesn’t talk about stuff and this counts as stuff. Also, whenever I go back to Oklahoma I feel as though I’m a kid again. I have to be perfect and normal, whatever normal is. I can’t be me.

But here in Colorado, no one has any unrealistic expectations of me. No one is telling all the kids to be like me. I don’t think I would have embrassed this if I was still there in OK. I believe that I have written enough. I spent the bus ride to and from work along with a bit at home. I should be making dinner instead of standing in my kitchen typing this. 

That’s all for now. I will be taking applications for cuddle buddies this winter. Being gray sexual does not lessen the fact that physical touch is one of my primary love languages. I still need the hugs!

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Is it Right to Do What is Wrong for the Right Reason?

Guess what I watched this weekend? The Netflix Death Note movie.

Let me start off by saying that I am definitely a fan of the anime. And also, this is not a review of the movie or a comparison of it to the anime. I don’t do reviews. It’s not my style.

So I watched the movie. I was open to the differences. People are free to interpret things as they please. But as you may have guessed, I’m not a fan of it. The movie was “Americanized” or “Westernize” in the worst possible way. What I mean to say, is that it stripped Death Note of what made it great.

That’s what I was thinking about after watching the movie. I really wasn’t expecting all the blood and gore with every death. The words that come to my mind when I think Death Note are psychological thriller. I love that it’s a battle of wits while posing a moral question…which is how I came up with the title.

Is it right to do something wrong for the right reason? In the series, Light is killing people to make the world a better place. Yes, he does start thinking about becoming the god of this world because as they say, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Is there any situation in which doing something you know is wrong would be a good thing, a right thing, or even the best thing to do?

I love moral dilemmas. I used to give them to one of my groups all the time. I would tell them that I’m more interested in their why than what they thought should be done. What would be the better option: Keep the book and use it to rid the world of those who deemed a corrupt and immoral or to let the book be passed along to some random person who could be anything from a someone with a strong and noble character and moral compass to someone with lots of homicidal thoughts

What is the best option if those are you two options? I mean, there’s no other real option.

Moving away from Death Note (because I don’t you to think that I spend my time thinking about how to I’d use a death note), how do you decide what is the morally acceptable answer? And is that the correct answer?  Also, how do you know if your moral compass needs a tune up?

Just questions for thought. I have no answers. I think of the questions, but don’t want to think of the answer.

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Huzzah! Productivity in Game Form?

So, as you know I can be a bit of a slacker. My goal is to change that. So enter various task based apps. I’ve tried a few and some have been game based, but most of them didn’t capture my interest.

A couple of days ago I decided to join Habitica. So far I like it, but the real test is whether I still want to use it after two weeks. I tend to like things the first week, then I slowly start using it less frequently, followed by deleting the app. I’m hoping that I make progress.

Now I just need to interact with people. I joined two guides: Writers and Avatar: The Last Airbender Guild. Next step is to join a party. Right now I’m a party of one. I started a quest on my own, just to test things out some. I should be done with it either tomorrow or the next day. (I’m kind of already slacking on my dailies.)

Guess I should explain the app some. You have a list of dailies (things to do daily), to-do list, and habits. You can create them and change them as you wish. Completing them gives you experience and gold. But missing dailies can cause damage. And if you’re battling a boss, you also get damaged by the boss. (Completing the tasks causes damage to the boss.)

I can never decide if I want to download an RPG onto my phone to play. I don’t really have games on my phone. I have plants vs zombies 2 on my phone, but I plan to delete it. I also have sudoku on my phone…we’ll see how long it lasts.

But anyways, if you have the app or decide to check it out…be my friend, join my party. Or just send me a message. My user name is Quietharmonies. I pretty much use that name for everything.

Okay, that’s all for now. Time for bed. Good night lovelies. Hopefully this app will help some with my unproductiveness.

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Goodbye Chester

I usually don’t do this, but I felt like I need to. What I mean is, I don’t write about celebrity deaths. I don’t know them, so they tend to not impact me much. But this one made an impact.

As you may have heard, the world lost a great talent in Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Linkin Park has been a significant part of my life. Their songs have grown with me. Their songs have been able to put into words things that I could not describe. For that, I am thankful.

Earlier today I was listening to their song “Battle Symphony” and it reminded me why I love Linkin Park. Nowadays it’s rare to find music that motives and inspires, but they never fail to do so. But back to the song. In it Chester sings, “If my armor breaks I’ll fuse it back together…If I fall, get knocked down Pick myself up off the ground”

It’s things like that that make me remember not to give up. I have never been suicidal, but I’ve struggled with depression. I’ve wanted to stop trying. To stop truly living and just simply exist. Life is hard. Life can suck. But there is beauty in life. You just have to look for it.

And if you can’t see that beauty, no matter how hard you look, tell someone. Sometimes you need to look through someone else’s eyes for a while. Sometimes you need someone to take you by the hand and walk with you until you can see the path of light and hope on your own.

It’s okay if you’re depressed. Tell someone. I know it’s hard and many people don’t understand. Find someone who does. I remember telling my mom I was depressed. Her response was to look at me like I was crazy and ask “what happened to make you depressed?” You don’t need a reason to be depressed.

I’ve seen way too many comments of people talking about how selfish suicide is and calling a dead man names. I don’t think suicide is a good answer. But you do not need to disgrace a dead man and step all over him. If you feel the need to say something negative about Chester or anyone else, remember that he has a family too. How do you think his family feels hearing and reading comments like this from complete strangers?

Linkin Park was an inspiration for me and I will be forever grateful to Chester and the rest of the band. My thoughts and prayers are with those close to Chester. And those of you struggling with depression, know that you’re not alone. There is help. There are people who care. I care. To all my lovelies, stay safe.

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